We at Bella Arte Tattoo Co. have high standards of cleanliness and rely solely on completely disposable instruments. We utilize a new sterile tattooing needle for each customer, disposing of all needles after every procedure, using a bio-hazard receptacle. In addition, we use latex free disposable gloves, razor blades, tongue depressors, ink caps, etc. As well as disposable covers for all equipment that will be touching you, the customer (i.e.: arm rest covers, clip cord covers, etc.).

In the age of Covid-19 we are taking all necessary NJ mandated safety protocols seriously.  In addition to the requirements specified by the NJ Health Department, we have installed an air purifier, changed out the A/C and heating units filters, installed a touch less sanitization station and have now required our front desk staff to also be Blood Bourne Pathogens certified.

There are over 30 years of tattooing experience in our tattoo shop and all of our artists are Blood Borne Pathogens Trained and Certified. Your safety and well-being is our highest priority! For this reason we use only the finest tattoo inks and equipment manufactured and distributed by reputable, well known tattoo suppliers.