Tattoo Artist

Days off:  Sundays & Mondays

Gravitated to the tattoo culture from a young age, I was always feeding my hunger for art. Early inspirations included comic books, video games, skateboard decks and other pop culture related art. Although tattoos/tattooing was kind of taboo in my family I quickly fell in love with everything that had to do with tattoos and the culture that surrounded them. I decided to pursue it pretty much right after graduating high school, officially starting my apprenticeship in 2012. Thanks to a supportive family I’ve been able to fully invest myself in the tattoo industry, allowing me to travel and perpetually chase the next great tattoo, drawing or painting.. I originally found my stride in American Traditional and Neo-Traditional style tattoos but I now pride myself on my versatility and being able to tackle any and all styles as I love how a bright colorful piece is readable from the other side of the highway and I equally love the crisp yet smooth detail in a black and grey piece, and everything in between. Tattooing has been my life’s greatest joy and I always look forward to working with a new client to build the perfect tattoo for them

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